Costa Rica One of the World's Happiest Country

What it's Its secret?

Do you know the common point between Costa Rica, Denmark and Singapore?

Is there where people live happier than the rest of the world. Each of these countries represent 3 different models of happiness linked to pacifism, solidarity and discipline.

But let’s focus on Costa Rica, in this article, we reveal you the secret of happiness.  Ranked 1st on 2017 Happy Planet Index and 12th on World Happiness Report. It is probably due to its unique geography characteristics as well as its history. With its two oceanic sides and its important altitude variations, Costa Rica enjoys an amazing density of biodiversity.

This so little nation that covers only 51 100 km² that is to say 0.03% of the surface, hosts 4% of animal and plant species.

“We are surrounded by nature. Just take the bus or drive for 30 minutes to find yourself in the rainforest or in a national park, which does not failed to affect the well-being of the population” affirmed Alejandro Abarca, economist at the University of Costa Rica. The country has taken the best advantage of it as the first to invest on ecotourism. Since 30 years Costa Rica has increased its number of National Parks and Protected Areas which represent more than the quarter of the territory: tropical and dry rainforests, mangroves, volcanos, cordilleras, marshes, plains…

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Tourism is one of the main sector and employs 12.9 % of the active population and represents 13.4% of the GDP.

Costa Rica intends to become the first green democracy of the 21st century, the inclusion of the right to a healthy environment in the Constitution in 1994, a reforestation policy which has increased the forest cover from 26% in 1983 to more than 50% today, the creation of an environmental administrative tribunal and the development of renewable energies. Over the past two years, the country has managed to produce 98% green electricity.

Another advantage of this quiet happiness is the political and social stability of Costa Rica which earned its nickname as “Switzerland of  Central America” in the second half of the 20th century.


“In our culture, money is not the main purpose of life. People favor having a calm life, having good time with friends or family” added Alejandro Abarca.

Well I think this maybe that the secret of happiness. A calm life surrounded by a flush nature and a lot of friends.

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